Lights, Camera, MOV_E!

Lights, Camera, MOV_E!
Freedom Mov_eFNF Philippines

As FNF Philippines’ Freedom Project turns seven this year, it builds yet another platform to advance the cause of freedom- this time zooming its lens on human rights. 

This June 2017, the Freedom Project, an annual search of innovative ways to translate the concept of freedom into everyday language, begins its search for stories captured on film through the Freedom Mov_e. Freedom Mov_e is a film-making competition that employs digital technology to initiate action (Mov_E means electronic). It also signifies the need to move if we want to secure our own and other’s freedom and dignity. 

The theme for the film-making contest is The Universal Declaration of Human Rights (UDHR). Entries should focus on any of the 30 articles of the UDHR. Any film genre - animation, documentary, etc.- is acceptable. The narration, dialogue, or text can be in either Filipino or English. Here’s a sample of a short animation that tackles the importance of respecting human rights, freedom and dignity.

"Bantay" for Freedom Mov_e (Filipino Version)FNF Philippines
"Bantay" for Freedom Mov_e (English Version)FNF Philippines

(Read the UDHR here.

Human rights have become even more abstract concepts. Intensified by the rise of populism in the global arena, the Philippines is no exception. With the rising number of victims of extra-judicial killings in the country, respect for human rights is increasingly in peril each passing day. Some do not seem to realize the threats of viewing human rights as selective or as impediments to ensuring security.

“FNF Philippines' Freedom Mov_e hopes to reintroduce and reinvigorate respect for human rights, and along with it, human dignity and freedom.  Your films will allow us transform these intangible notions into something real, raising awareness and understanding of everyone’s rights as well as duties, transcending apathy and moving towards engagement,” says FNF Philippines’ Country Director Wolfgang Heinze

Submission of entries is until 13 August 2017. Top entries shall be premiered at the Freedom Mov_e Festival in September 2017. Cash prizes await the winners.

For complete information on how to join, please visit You may also contact Ms. Danika Sarion, FNF Project Officer at 8196086-87/09209158429/

Lights, Camera, MOV_E!
Lights, Camera, MOV_E!FNF Philippines
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