The Economic Fallout of COVID-19 in the Philippines

As of April 7 the Philippines has the second-highest number of COVID-19 cases in ASEAN, next to Malaysia. 

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Grocery Shopping

I am Free Magazine 2019

I am Free Magazine 2019

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I am free Magazine 2019

Vigilance Needed Over Duterte’s ‘Emergency Powers’

Going to the supermarket these days brings back memories of the 1970s, when the Philippines was in the iron grip of a dictator, Ferdinand Marcos. It’s because last month, President Rodrigo Duterte...

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Public on long queue

Innovating for Lasting Impact, One City at a Time

Innovators from 13 cities across the Philippines formed teams and came together at the Impact Hackathon - a 24-hour hackathon that aimed to become Philippines’ largest multi-city event.

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Impact Leadership Conference

FreedomMov_E 2019 Mechanics

This 2019, FreedomMov_E is #strongHER. On its third run, #strongHER aims to share inspiring stories of women thriving despite challenge, defying gender stereotypes and braving the status-quo

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First +iMPACT Leadership Conference Molds Filipino Young Leaders

The first +iMPACT leadership conference served as a platform for 30 youth ambassadors to acquire ideas that they could build on and broaden their networks to create an impact on their communities....

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ILC 2019

Rebranding Freedom As One Solid Network

"Nothing comes after freedom."-- this statement explains the period after the word Freedom in the new corporate logo of Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) launched in early 2019. Shared by Minnie...

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 IAF Alumni Gathering 2019

Not Just History: ‘Quezon’s Game’ Rooted in Rights

The historical movie “Quezon’s Game” provides a different perspective on World War II as it shows President Manuel L. Quezon’s open-door policy to receive the victims of Holocaust fleeing from Nazi...

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Freedom Mov_E Bacolod 'Quezon's Game'

Freedom Mov_E 2019 is #strongHER

FreedomMov_E 2019 is now open for #strongHER entries!

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FreedomMov_E 2019 is #strongHER

FNF joins GPCCI’s Mabuhay Germany to reach new heights!

The German-Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Inc. (GPCCI) revived its Mabuhay Germany- showcasing forty German companies and organizations with the goal of strengthening the business...

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Mabuhay Germany 2019!