2019 Program for the International Academy for Leadership (IAF)

2018 International Academy for Leadership (IAF)
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Date: 27 January - 03 February 2019
Title: Creating and Managing Liberal Networks 
Participants: 40
Target Groups: Networkers from liberal organisations including local colleagues from FNF  
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 10 February - 22 February 2019
Title: Moderation: Facilitation and Program Design 
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Representatives of liberal NGOs, political parties and think tanks who are actively involved with or responsible for the design, planning and implementation of training and development sessions, or events. The seminar is best suited to individuals who have some level of experience in training or event scripting and planning  
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date:  10 March - 22 March 2019
Title: Foundations of Open Societies: Individual Self-determination and Tolerance  
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Politicians and members from civil society organisation, (human rights) lawyers, entrepreneurs, journalists, lobbyists, pedagogues, and people that provide policy advice (think tanks), who are fully acquainted with liberal principles and ideas and play an active role in politics 
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 31 March - 12 April 2019
Title: Liberals, Property and the Environment
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Participants must have a background working for political parties, think tanks or the media. A background in business, economics or in environmental management would be most useful. Good grasp of modern liberalism is essential (there will be no introduction to this topic!) 
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 05 May - 17 May 2019 (e-Academy)
Title: Education in Crisis – A Liberal Way Forward (with qualifying online phase)
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Liberal politicians and think tank members specialising in education policy, leading members of the educational profession and journalists covering educational issues. Participants must have a track record as liberals, seek reform in education and are open to unconventional approaches  
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 26 May - 02 June 2019
Title: Smart Cities and Modern Mobility
Participants: 22
Target Groups: Politicians, city planners, architects, engineers, artists with liberal disposition  including local colleagues from FNF  
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 16 June - 28 June 2019
Title: Liberalism vs. Populism: How can Liberals win?
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Liberal thinkers and political strategists from political parties, think tanks and NGOs who are currently facing populist forces in their respective countries  
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 28 July - 04 August 2019
Title: Communication: Strategy and Skills
Participants: 22
Target Groups: Leaders and spokespersons from political parties  
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 11 August - 23 August 2019
Title: Local Politics and Citizen’s Participation
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Local politicians like councillors, mayors or representatives of local party branches, Representatives of liberal NGOs and citizen groups who are working on improving local government (systems). Trainers or consultants who work with liberal political parties on local level
Closing Date: CLOSED

Date: 01 September - 08 September 2019
Title: IAF Innovation Lab 
Participants: 22
Target Groups: Mid to senior management of liberal parties, NGOs, think tanks, power & mandate to initiate change in their organisations, experts on organisational development, campaign technologies or innovation; FNF Project Directors, Heads of Desks. 
Closing Date: 17 June 2019

Date:  15 September - 27 September 2019
Title: Promoting Entrepreneurship and Open Markets 
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Young leaders in positions of responsibility from political parties, the legal profession, civic initiatives, the media and the civil administration as well as entrepreneurs or representatives of business associations who are liberal in outlook and have a basic knowledge of what liberalism is  
Closing Date: 01 July 2019

Date:  13 October - 25 October 2019
Title: Safeguarding Freedom in the Digital World
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Liberal politicians and policy makers, social media content producers, bloggers, journalists, liberal internet and security experts, educationalists  
Closing Date: 29 July 2019

Date: 03 November - 15 November 2019
Title: Strengthening NGOs - Management, Strategy and Fundraising 
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Representatives of liberal NGOs - such as economic Think Tanks, Human Rights Defenders etc. - who work in close cooperation with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation in their respective countries or regions and ideally hold a leadership or management position and are involved in fundraising activities  
Closing Date: 26 August 2019

Date: 01 December - 08 December 2019
Title: Campaigning: Strategy and Tools 
Participants: 24
Target Groups: Leading personnel from political parties who have a relevant position and expertise with regard to their party’s campaign   
Closing Date: 23 September 2019


*e-Academy seminars are divided into three phases. In the first part, participants are given materials to read to deepen their knowledge. In the second part, they are encouraged to discuss via an online forum their views and insights. Lastly, participants will be asked to write an essay.

The seminars do not require participants to be online at all times. They have the flexibility to work at their own pace provided they meet the deadlines assigned to each task.

Based on their contribution, IAF will invite 22-26 participants to Gummersbach, Germany to continue the discussions raised online.

Application procedure: 


IAF Registration Form
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Please download application form and send completed application, along with a scanned copy of your passport details page, updated CV, and Letter of Intent (addressed to the FNF PH Country Director) to application@fnst.org. Kindly specify which seminar you are applying for. Please note that FNF will only correspond with short listed candidates.