Is Federalism the Answer to Sectoral Questions?

Paper: Is Federalism the Answer to Sectoral Questions?
Paper: Is Federalism the Answer to Sectoral Questions? FNF Philippines

This Discussion Paper was produced by the Institute for Leadership, Empowerment, and Democracy (iLEAD), with the support of the Friedrich Naumann Foundation (FNF) and in partnership with the Ateneo Policy Center.

iLEAD is a non-stock, non-profit think tank consultancy and resource center that focuses on strategic policy work to strengthen democratic institutions, in areas such as fiscal astuteness, meaningful devolution, and empowerment and protection of civic spaces.

Is Federalism the Answer to Sectoral Question?

Feedback from civil society shows that there is a need for more grounded and specific conversations that explain federalism in the language of day-to-day. Quality-of-life questions, such as, “Will federalism solve our traffic crisis?” and, “Will housing and education be more accessible?” have to be asked and addressed, in order for citizens to make well-informed choices. Though the questions seem to be indirect to the questions of federalism and constitutional change itself, it is necessary to provide a venue for the real questions to be addressed to bring the conversations to the level that makes an impact to the realities of the ordinary citizens.

It is with this premise that the iLEAD, with the support of the FNF and in partnership with the Ateneo Policy Center, conducted a Round Table Discussion (RTD) on December 13, 2018, guided by questions from sectors, communities, and citizens. Prior to the RTD, intimate sessions were held among issue experts to consolidate their works and studies related to the Chacha-Federalism proposals. 

This Discussion Paper was generated to capture the insights that were gathered during the RTD and to inform succeeding conversations on the issue. Download the full report here