Germany & PH Share Solutions to Improve Social Justice and to Eliminate Poverty

Philippines Study Visit to Germany
Philippines Study Visit to GermanyFNF Philippines

As a political foundation committed to political reforms through international exchange and political dialogues between and among a diverse network of forward-thinking liberals in the Philippines and abroad, FNF Philippines is happy to host a Study Visit Program in Berlin, Germany, for key Philippine public officials who are dedicated to finding sustainable solutions to poverty-elimination and social justice.  

Happening this April, a delegation will be attending a series of meetings on creating a citizen-oriented and democratic local and national administration; a roundtable discussion on social security system in Germany, and a seminar on communication as part of developing poverty-alleviation and social justice strategy for governance.

Last year, FNF organized a high-level delegation to South Africa that aimed to educate the Philippines on initiatives in South Africa and give them ideas that can be applied to the country. The program was composed of a women leadership forum; a roundtable discussion on corruption, justice and crime; a visit to different local social housing projects; and meetings  with South African government officials. 

In 2016, an eight-member delegation was sent to Brussels, Belgium for a program titled, "New European Trends in Electoral Reporting." The delegation exchanged ideas on electoral reporting, political campaigning, and media freedom with members of the European parliament. 
In 2015, a delegation was sent to Brussels, Belgium and attended fora on party structures and voter communication. They also conducted a dialogue with Hans Stein of the Freie Demokratische Partei (FDP). 
In 2012, a seven-member delegation was sent to discuss the relations of the European Union and the Philippines in the context of ASEAN

These study visits are in line with the FNF's thrust to support leaders and decision-makers by providing platforms for knowledge-sharing and dialogues with officials in Germany and other countries.